Lutheran SeniorLife

Our mission and values

Our mission is to continually transform and elevate health, wellness, and social services while fostering an Abundant Life® for those we serve and who serve.

Our values compel us to:

Treat all individuals with dignity, respect, compassion and professionalism to foster a faith-based, person-centered culture and environment.
Promote teamwork and collaboration in everything we do.
Focus on innovation by embracing change and being forward-thinking.
Commit to exceptional quality and to strive for excellence by encouraging curiosity, seeking information and creating and accepting solutions that achieve measurable value.
Strive to be good stewards in all of our actions and decisions.

The "age-friendly" designation describes environments that promote access to services and opportunities for people as they age, and that prioritize the #inclusion and participation of older adults in all aspects of life.

Meet our leadership

We have a strong tradition of service to uphold. Our leaders are dedicated to investing in new opportunities for greater health and wellness and continuing to deliver our services with faith, integrity and care.

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